Experiential Education Office of the Provost

REimagine ExEd

REimagine ExEd is a program review and continuous quality improvement initiative of the Purdue Office of Experiential Education (ExEd). This program is a targeted initiative to collaborate with selected ExEd programs on a three-step review process:

1) REflect, in which the program engages in a self-study,
2) REview, in which a team of peer reviewers provides feedback to the program,
3) REnew, in which the program develops a plan to pursue opportunities identified through the review

The process mimics other, typical academic program review processes that already exist at Purdue and across higher education. 

Purdue faculty and staff can be involved in REimagine ExEd by participating as a program under review or through serving as a peer reviewer of other Purdue ExEd programs. For more information about participating as a program under review, please visit the program review page. For more information about serving as a peer reviewer, please visit the peer review page.

REimagine ExEd Committee Members

Jennifer Dobbs-Oates
Director, Office of Experiential Education
Clinical Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Science
Nastasha E. Johnson
Associate Professor, Science and Engineering Libraries
Pamela Morris
Associate Dean and Director, College of Agriculture Office of Multicultural Programs
Professor, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
Karen Neubauer
Assistant Director, Special Projects, Center for Instructional Excellence
Nancy Rasche
Assistant Professor of Practice, Purdue Polytechnic Institute
Kathryn Stremiecki
Senior Program Manager, Office of Experiential Education
Anne Weiss
Assistant Director, Assessment, IDA+A
Todd Wetzel
Assistant Vice Provost, Student Life
Executive Director, Purdue Convocations & Elliott Hall of Music/Hall of Music Productions