Experiential Education Office of the Provost

Employer Resources

ExEd Launchpad is made up of several different ExEd programs, and those programs use different parts of the portal. Check out the list of options available below and select the one that best represents what you are looking for. Once you visit the link the first time, we recommend bookmarking the site(s) you will use most frequently.

Program Options

Hosting Internships, Co-Ops, or Other Temporary Learning Opportunities

If you are working with the Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) internship program or Health Sciences internship program, visit ExEd Launchpad-CSM.

If you are currently working with the Office of Professional Practice to offer internships, co-ops, or other programs coordinated by the office, visit the Office of Professional Practice database.

If you are looking for interns who would complete an experience independently of the university, contact the Purdue Center for Career Opportunities.

Partnering With Purdue

If you want to find a Purdue campus partner establish an opportunity for students, contact the Office of ExEd.

Hiring Purdue Students or Graduates

If you are looking to hire Purdue students/graduates into permanent positions, contact the Purdue Center for Career Opportunities.

Employer and organization partners, select your destination from the list of options below.

Logging into ExEd Launchpad systems

For work-integrated learning experiences such as internships, co-ops and other types of experiences involving individual placements of students with employer hosts, you will likely be utilizing the Symplicity CSM portion of ExEd Launchpad. Be aware that Purdue uses three instances of Symplicity CSM—My CCO, the Office of Professional Practice database, and ExEd Launchpad. If you use more than one of these websites, your login(s) are not able to be connected at this time. Each of these instances requires a CSM registration and subsequent login credentials.