Experiential Education Office of the Provost


As ExEd Launchpad grows, Purdue faculty and staff will use this tool in a variety of ways. ExEd programs that operate through individualized placements (e.g., internship programs) may find it useful to administer their programs within the CSM platform. Group-based ExEd programs, such as those that are attached to courses or operate in cohort models, may find it useful to administer their program within the UniHub platform. Some ExEd programs don’t need a new platform, but will provide data to ExEd Launchpad so that their contributions to ExEd at Purdue can be recognized in centralized reporting. To explore connecting your ExEd program to ExEd Launchpad, please contact the Office of Experiential Education.

Stay tuned! When ExEd Launchpad has a critical mass of Purdue ExEd programs, it will be a valuable tool to help students discover opportunities of interest. In the future, the searchable catalog will be available to students and others (e.g., academic advisors) who want to search for ExEd opportunities.