Experiential Education Office of the Provost

Student Funding

Experiential Education Scholarship

The Office of Experiential Education has financial support available for students participating in experiential education opportunities. Funds can be used for educational expenses incurred while participating in experiential education. All funds will be applied through the Financial Aid system.


  • Must be a Purdue West Lafayette or Indianapolis undergraduate or PharmD degree-seeking student
  • In good academic standing
  • Enrolled full-time or part-time for Purdue courses for the term in which the scholarship is received
  • Meet financial aid citizenship requirements

Student must be participating in an experiential education opportunity offered by Purdue University. Experiential education is defined as a planned pedagogy centering on an authentic experience to strengthen students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities, paired with student reflection. Common examples of experiential education include internships/co-ops, clinical placements and other field-based experiences, service-learning, projects with community/industry partners, study away/abroad, and undergraduate research. Both experiences completed for academic credit and those that are not credit-bearing qualify for this award.

Award amounts

Scholarships can be awarded in amounts of up to $2000 per academic year. The amount awarded may vary depending on the type of experiential education opportunity and expenses related to the experience. When completing the scholarship application, applicants will be asked to provide details about how the funds will be used to assist with determining the amount to be awarded. Scholarship dollars are limited; not every student who applies will be awarded a scholarship. Scholarships, Awards and Prizes must be considered educational resources for the student per federal regulations. Therefore, any funds awarded to the student are reported to the Division of Financial Aid and considered a part of a student's total aid package.  Please note, students may not receive gift aid exceeding the total cost of attendance. Additional expenses related to an educational experience (e.g., higher cost of living in an internship location) may be used to adjust your total cost of attendance.

Scholarship Details

Scholarships are merit-based, and these funds are intended to supplement other scholarship funds or a student’s own personal funds. Scholarships will not be awarded if the program/experience is canceled or if the student withdraws from the program/experience. Scholarships cannot be awarded for past experiences. Students should submit an application for each term in which they are applying.

Students must be registered for Purdue course credits during the term in which the scholarship is applied. The 0-credit hour internship/co-op courses do satisfy this requirement. 

To qualify, applications must be submitted appropriate due date as listed below:

  • For summer funds, applications are due by February 22
  • For fall funds, applications are due by May 15
  • For winter and/or spring funds, applications are due by November 1

To apply, please complete the Experiential Education Scholarship form

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Kat Stremiecki, Sr. Program Manager, kwidman@purdue.edu